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Data Sheets

Safety Data Sheets - Bases

Fleetwood Universal Undercoat Bases P,M D-32116
Fleetwood Universal Undercoat Base B-32115
Fleetwood High Gloss Base B-31882
Fleetwood Super Satinwood B-31878
Fleetwood Super Satinwood Bases P,M,D-31854
Fleetwood High Gloss White Bases P,M D-31881
Fleetwood Acrylic Eggshell Base B-28604
Advanced High Gloss Base B-28603
Advanced High Gloss Bases P, M, D-28602
Advanced Satinwood Base B-28601
Advanced Satinwood Bases P, M, D-28599
Easyclean Matt Base B-28598
Easyclean Matt Bases P, M, D-28597
Timeless Matt Base B-28596
Timeless Matt Bases P, M, D-28595
Advanced Primer Undercoat Bases P, M, D-28590
Fleetwood Softsheen Bases P, M, D-28586
Timeless Sheen Bases P, M, D-28577
Fleetwood Acrylic Eggshell Bases P, M, D-28576
WeatherGuard Base B-27800
Fleetwood Softsheen Base B-27782
WeatherGuard Bases P, M D-27779
Fleetwood Matt Base B-27752
Fleetwood Matt Bases P, M, D-27751
Fleetwood Acrylic Wall Primer Bases-27705
Timeless Sheen Base B-27703

Safety Data Sheets - Biotec

Biotech Matt-29558
Biotech Activator-29557
Biotec 2 pack catalysed epoxy-27716
Biotec Satin Finish-27715

Safety Data Sheets - Exterior SB

Fleetwood Weather Guard Xtreme-33355
EzyKoter Agri-Industrial Oxide Green-31851
Fleetwood All Weather Oxide Paint - Green-31850
Exterior SB-EzyKoter Agri-Industrial Oxide - Grey-31849
Fleetwood All Weather Oxide Paint - Grey-31848
EzyKoter Agri-Industrial Oxide - Red-31847
Fleetwood All Weather Oxide Paint - Red-31846
Fleetwood Weather Guard Xtreme Colours-32126
Fleetwood Weather Guard Xtreme BW-32125
FS4250001-Fleetwood Aluminium Wood Primer-ie
Yacht Varnish-29560
Fleetwood Mould Resistant Decking Oil Colours-27881
Fleetwood Metal Shield Various Colours-27878
Fleetwood Metal Shield White-27877

Safety Data Sheets - Exterior WB

All-in-One Fungicidal wash-29769
Fleetwood Timber Guard One Coat Protection-28593
Weather Clad Exterior Undercoat-28589
Window Sill White-28581
Fleetwood Weathercover BW-27791
Fleetwood Masonry Primer-27784
Fleetwood All Weather Oxide Paint - Grey-31848
Weatherclad Colours-27781
Weatherclad BW-27778
Roof Tile Colours-27777
Weatherclad Wood & Metal Ext Gloss colours-27708

Safety Data Sheets - Interior SB

Fleetwood Traditional Satinwood-34277
fleetwood white spirits-32829
Fleetwood teak oil-32826
Fleetwood Polyurethane Satin Varnish-27874
Fleetwood Traditional High Gloss-31888
Fleetwood Polyurethane Gloss Varnish-31887
Fleetwood Non-Drip High Gloss-31885
Interior-SB-Teak Oil-29561
Interior-SB-Fleetwood Teak Oil-27880
Interior-SB-Fleetwood Polyurethane Satin Varnish-27874

Safety Data Sheets - Interior WB

Fleetwood P.V.A All Purpose Bonding Adhesive-32123
Fleetwood Easy Clean Colours Various-29559
Quick Dry Primer Undercoat-28588
Stay White Satin-28587
Stay White Gloss-28584
Fleetwood Matt Colours - Various-28583
Kitchen & Bathroom BW-28582
Matt Black-27798
Fleetwood Ultra Pro White-27804
Fleetwood Extraplus Matt Magnolia-27805
Stay White U Coat-27912
Quick Dry Satinwood Colours-28574
Quick Dry Satinwood Pure White-28575
Fleetwood Prof Acrylic Eggsehll BW-28579
Fleetwood Extraplus Matt BW-27796
Fleetwood Matt BW (ready mixed)-27795
Quick Dry Satin Varnish-27773
One Coat Ceiling Paint-27758
Fleetwood Premium Matt BW-27756
Cool colours-27748
Fleetwood Extraplus Soft Sheen BW-27746
Designer Matt Colours - Various-27729
Designer Soft Sheen Colours-27730
Diamond Seal Gloss-27731
Diamond Seal Satin-27732
Fleetwood Extracover BW-27740
Fleetwood Extracover Magnolia-27742
Fleetwood Premium Soft Sheen BW-27744
Expert Matt Magnolia-27727
HiCover Magnolia-27725
Fleetwood Supercover Magnolia-27724
Fleetwood Max Cover BW-27723
Expert Matt BW-27721
HiCover BW-27719
Fleetwood Supercover BW-27718
Amazing white Matt-27714

Safety Data Sheets - Jacobi - Israel

Polyurethane Gloss Finish-31886
Antirust No. 1-27879
Professional Wood Primer-27860
Polyurethane Elegant Finish-27854
Superguard Matt-27757
Superguard 2000-27755
Supercid White-27753
Superplast BW-27717

Safety Data Sheets - KEM - Belgium

SATIN P-29786
SATIN M-29785
SATIN D-29784
SATIN B-29783
MATT P-29780
MATT B-29779
Acryl Soft sheen Bases P, M, D-28585
Acryl Satin-28578
Acryl UniPrimer-27704
Soft 12 BW-27747
Acryl Extra BW-27797
Facade Base B-27799
Acryl Soft Sheen Base B-27809
Facade Bases P, M, D-28573
Acryl Satin Base B-27702

Safety Data Sheets - Own Brand

Ridgeway Timberguard-28594
Brooks Exterior BW-27793
Topline Ceiling Paint-27760
Albany Ceiling Paint-27759
Telfords Matt BW-27754
Ridgeway Spray Coat-27737
Matt Magnolia-27728
Matt Magnolia-27727
Topline Matt Magnolia-27726
Brooks Matt BW-27722
Expert Matt BW-27721
Topline Matt BW-27720

Safety Data Sheets - Primers

Biotec Acrylic Primer
Quick Dry Primer
Undercoat - Rich Red-34298
Undercoat Colour - Various-32114
Stain Blocking Knot - Blocking Primer-30447
Complete Metal Primer-30446
Melamine & Kitchen Cabinet Primer-30445
Hi Heat All in one paint and Primer-30444
Stain Blocking Mould Remover-29772
Stain Blocker Mould Remover-29768
Stain blocking stains blocking primer-28611
Stain Blocking Mould-preventing paint-28610
Acrylic Primer Undercoat
Stain blocking damp and water mark paint-28609
Difficult surfaces wood soft and hardwood-28608
Fleetwood Difficult Surfaces Upvc-28607
All in one paint and primer-28606
Weather Clad Exterior Undercoat-28589
Quick Dry Primer Undercoat-28588
Stay White U Coat-27912
Wood Primer White-27864
Weatherclad Exterior Penetrating Primer-27819
Fleetwood Masonry Primer-27784

Safety Data Sheets - Products

Fleetwood instant filler-32833
Fleetwood filler powder-32832
Fleetwood brush cleaner-32831
Fleetwood white spirits-32829
Fleetwood wallpaper stripper-32828
Fleetwood trade decorators caulk-32827
Fleetwood teak oil-32826
Fleetwood sugar soap-32825
Ready mixed wall covering adhesive-32824
Fleetwood Teak Oil-27880
Stain Blocker Mould Remover-29768
All in One Fungicidal wash 29769
P.V.A All Purpose Bonding Adhesive-32123
Fleetwood ready mix filler-32823

Safety Data Sheets - Trade

Trade High Opacity Satinwood-34278
Fleetwood Trade Eggshell-34276
Trade decorators caulk-32827
Vinyl Matt White-32637
Traditional High Gloss-31888
High Opacity Gloss BW-31884
Permacryl Eggshell-28591
Eggshell BW-28580
Hi Opacity BW-27741
Hi Opacity Magnolia-27743
Soft Sheen BW-27745
Block Filler-27788
Weatherguard BW-27790
Exterior BW-27792
Vinyl Matt Magnolia-27806
Prof Acrylic Eggsehll BW-28579

Safety Data Sheets - Prestige

Prestige Superior Sheen TDS
Prestige Superior Satin TDS
Prestige Superior Matt TDS
Edit Prestige Superior Sheen
Prestige Superior Matt
Edit Prestige Superior Satinwood