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The Pantone® Collection

60 bright and vibrant colours chosen in partnership with Pantone - the world's leading colour authority. For years Pantone colours have inspired catwalks, defined trends and coloured the world we live in. Now, Pantone is available in paint. Finally.

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  • Pantone Classic Blue 19-4052

The Vogue® Collection

60 stunningly luxurious colours from our newest collection. The Vogue collection is Inspired by iconic moments in time, drawing on over five decades of grand design, style and pure imagination. Hand-crafted in Ireland, each colour recipe is totally unique with greater clarity, purity and saturation, giving you years of colour satisfaction.

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  • Bofin Fern - Wall

Popular Colours Collection

Selected by our Interior designers, these are our 144 Popular Colours - A collection like no other. Created for room to room harmony, designers have been using them for years, and now you can have them throughout your home.

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  • Indigo Batik - Kitchen Units

Colour Made Easy Collection

A beautiful array of ready-mixed colours await you to start your new painting project

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  • Romance Easyclean Washable Matt Wall

Weather Clad™ Collection

38 exterior hues selected by our colour and design experts. These hand-selected colours are chosen to work in perfect harmony with Ireland's unique landscape

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  • Pearl Grey - Wall