1) The first step is to remove all hardware such as handles, letterboxes, doorbells. If they won’t come off cover them with Fleetwood Washi Tape.

2) Lightly sand your door with with a sanding sponge to get rid of grime, dirt and old paint or for tougher surfaces use a professional sander. Use a degreasing cleaner and rinse and let dry. Remember, your prep is your finish.

3) Apply wood filler to chips or cracks then give a light sand/dusting to remove any dust and dirt. Add a coat of Fleetwood Pure Grip Primer (receommeneded tinted to the colour of your choice for very dark colours) or Fleetwood Advanced Undercoat using a Fleetwood Pro-D brush. Give a very light sanding between coats.

4) Paint a panelled door in the direction of the lines shown, working with the grain of the wood and in the following order: A, B, C, D then E. Apply two top coats of your chosen colour in Fleetwood Advanced paint in either an Eggshell, Satinwood or Gloss finish.

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