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All Our Paint is Green

Providing Quality

Here at Fleetwood, we are committed to providing you with the best quality paint in the market. We understand the effects our processes have on the environment and that is why we feel it is vital that we, as a business, have our impact on the environment at the forefront of every decision we make.

Green Credentials

We continuously evaluate our distribution channels to reduce the number of vehicles needed on the roads each year. We have decreased our electricity usage by 28%, gas use has been reduced by 39% on site and we have also implemented better production process to treat and re-use water on site, reducing water usage by 23%. Not only that, but every drop of water that leaves the site is rigorously tested by the EPA IPPC to ensure we never put our local aquatic life at risk. We are classified as C2 which is the lowest possible risk rating.

In addition to striving to reduce the amount of waste and environmental impact in our production facilities, we also work to give back to the environment by planting 6 acres of Ash trees around our production plants, to encourage a sustainable ecosystem for wildlife, and offset our carbon footprint.

Metal Recycles Forever™

Our cans are one of the first to carry the Metal Recycles Forever™ mark. Our Metal packaging is low carbon and a resource efficient solution as it can be infinitely recycled. In a previous life our cans could have been a bicycle. Recycle it and tomorrow it could live on as part of a car, or a space ship – who knows? The possibilities are endless.