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Colour Highlight – Going Gaga


The KLD Collection with Fleetwood Paints features 20 vibrant and mellow shades curated by our brand ambassador Róisín Lafferty of Kingston Lafferty Design.

Going Gaga is a bold, bright and vibrant colour.. an unconventional choice with in the home but this playful, fun colour will amplify any interior from the ordinary to the extraordinary.  The name itself was inspired from the bold style choices of Lady Gaga!

In the past few years orange has become an increasingly universally  popular shade in fashion, design and interiors as a statement attention getter  hue. It brings a contemporary and playful flair to a room with unique details in your fabrics, furniture and   on your walls!

Colour psychology tells us that orange is the colour of adventure and social communication. This colour radiates warmth and happiness, combining the physical energy and stimulation of red with the cheerfulness of yellow. It is an optimistic and uplifting shade and a great colour to be surrounded by to  keep us motivated. It is a warm and inviting colour that is both physically and mentally stimulating and is best used in sociable rooms and in small  dynamic bursts around the home.

Kids playroom

What better place for an unexpected splash of  Going Gaga than in the kids bedroom or playroom. The playroom is perfect for this fun and youthful zap of colour, encouraging social interaction and play.

Image via Handmade Charlotte



A high gloss red orange colour punch on the walls leaves quite the impression in this eclectic hallway design. Orange and black or Orange and grey are a natural combination with one adding visual brightness and the other offering definition.

image via lonny.com


Living Rooms

This luscious red based orange will bring plenty of warmth and add to a cozy atmosphere in the living room. Embrace this bold paint colour by pairing with a warm neutral or ivory to create a two tone wall and add dimension to this area.



For a stylish addition to your kitchen, consider painting your kitchen island or cabinets in Going Gaga. A small touch of bold orange will match beautifully with a warm neutral or light grey on your kitchen walls. This shade of orange is about fun, joy, and playfulness. It encourages social interaction in a fun, conversational way and it just so happens that oranges and reds are also colours that stimulates the appetite!

image via https://www.houszed.com/orange-kitchen-ideas/


Going Gaga in Fleetwood Prestige paint.

Going Gaga can be mixed into Fleetwood Prestige paint only. Fleetwood Prestige has been created to provide an incredibly durable coating that resist burnishes, scuffs and stains( – more than other paints) and an unprecedented colour depth with truer and richer lightfast pigments. Each individual colour recipe is completely unique with greater clarity, purity and saturation.

Visibly thicker, the extraordinary coverage of this silky paint allows for easy application and seamless touch-ups courtesy of an advanced quick drying formula.

The cashmere appearance of Prestige is available in a tactile washable matt and soft sheen finish for walls and ceilings. For interior and exterior wood and metal, a low eggshell and satinwood finish are available.

*Fleetwood Prestige has been awarded European Standard EN 13300 for Performance”

Going Gaga is available in selected Fleetwood Paints stockists. To find your nearest stockist click here