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Colour Highlight – Monet Dark

Inspired by iconic moments in time, each timeless shade from the Vogue Collection is one of a kind. Drawing on over five decades of great design, style and imagination, each colour has a story to tell.

Monet Dark is a nostalgic and timeless dusty green in the Vogue Colour Collection.

.Our brand ambassador Róisín Lafferty remarks on the atmospheric aesthetic this colour has, “Monet Dark captures a mood undoubtedly and it almost feels like stepping back in time when a  room is painted in it.”  
Greens reign supreme in interior design! This serene and calming colour offers restoration and balance to all rooms within the home and works sublimely in commercial spaces by bringing the outside in.  For those wondering how to use green effectively within your home  that goes beyond a house plant and furnishings, we have some inspiration below.



Living room

Green is the most versatile, cool and refreshing of all the colours you can choose for decorating your home. With connotations of wellness, balance and nature, it is a shade that will elevate any space. Living rooms that have high ceilings or windows will benefit immensely from Monet Dark on the walls with a crisp white accompaniment (consider Studio white)  Additionally, for rooms that have little natural light and want an airy and fresh feel we would recommend Monet Dark with a serene beige such as Coco 1955.


Dining rooms

The calming tones of a Monet Dark background brings a lot to the table. For an inviting and comfortable ambience envelop this area with this soothing green on your walls. Roisin advises how Monet Dark “when next to rich oak/dark walnut has a smokiness that comes through to create such a stunning environment.”



Master bedrooms deserve a luxe colour to really anchor this space. Monet Dark paired with a white or off white is a classic take. This soothing and subdued green is perfect for bedrooms and guest bedrooms and any area where concentration and tranquility is a must.



Monet Dark is a subtle, subdued shade for kitchen cabinets, and here we have it paired with natural wood tones and an off white on the ceiling. To add a bit of contemporary flair to your kitchen consider adding gold hardware or a sleek black countertop for contrast.
Boot Room/Hallways
Country glamour comes to mind when we think of a green bootroom/entrance space. Panelling is a must for classic design and we couldnt think of any better colour than to adorn this traditional space in than Monet Dark. Monet Dark in Prestige Satinwood on your panelling with Prestige Washablet Matt will  help towards keeping this high traffic area light, bright and clean.

Monet Dark in Fleetwood Prestige paint.

Monet Dark can be mixed into Fleetwood Prestige paint only. Fleetwood Prestige has been created to provide an incredibly durable coating that resist burnishes, scuffs and stains( – more than other paints) and an unprecedented colour depth with truer and richer lightfast pigments. Each individual colour recipe is completely unique with greater clarity, purity and saturation.

Visibly thicker, the extraordinary coverage of this silky paint allows for easy application and seamless touch-ups courtesy of an advanced quick drying formula.

The cashmere appearance of Prestige is available in a tactile washable matt and soft sheen finish for walls and ceilings. For interior and exterior wood and metal, a low eggshell and satinwood finish are available.

*Fleetwood Prestige has been awarded European Standard EN 13300 for Performance”

Monet Dark is available in selected Fleetwood Paints stockists. To find your nearest stockist click here