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Colour Highlight – Wynwood

Inspired by iconic moments in time, each timeless shade from the Vogue Collection is one of a kind. Drawing on over five decades of great design, style and imagination, each colour has a story to tell.

Taken from Miami’s Wynwood walls, our brand ambassador Róisín Lafferty created the versatile navy Wynwood for the Vogue Collection –  now a verified KLD boardroom favourite!

Combining navy and grey, this makes for a cocooning colour when used on walls and ceilings. It provides a warm and cozy environment to curl up in.

Navy is used in interiors as a colourful and less imposing alternative to black or dark grey, adding warmth and depth to a room whilst still retaining a timeless feel.
Its blue/black base enables this colour to adapt to any interior scheme  and complement any colour palette.


Home Office

With more of us working from home for the forseeable, a dedicated home office that promotes productivity is key. Colour psychology suggests that the colours we surround ourselves can have an effect on our energy and our mood. The blue in this cocooning navy has qualities associated with deep focus and strength, inspiring concentration and creativity.



Painting your bedroom walls with Wynwood will instantly envelop you with peace and tranquility, creating an inky restful hideaway.  If dark and moody isn’t your thing you can balance the cool blue in Wynwood with light flooring, neutral fabrics and natural materials, or paint an accent wall behind the bedhead to slowly transition to the dark side.


Living Rooms

Create a snug, inviting living room to while away the seasons in with Wynwood walls! In rooms with lots of natural light you will see the blue tones shine! In smaller rooms it will appear darker and create a more intimate feel.



Navy and white is a harmonious colour combination in contemporary kitchens. Wynwood in an eggshell or satinwood finish on your top and bottom cabinets will anchor this room and white countertops and walls with keep it bright and airy.



Wynwood in Fleetwood Prestige paint.

Wynwood can be mixed into Fleetwood Prestige paint only. Fleetwood Prestige has been created to provide an incredibly durable coating that resist burnishes, scuffs and stains( – more than other paints) and an unprecedented colour depth with truer and richer lightfast pigments. Each individual colour recipe is completely unique with greater clarity, purity and saturation.

Visibly thicker, the extraordinary coverage of this silky paint allows for easy application and seamless touch-ups courtesy of an advanced quick drying formula.

The cashmere appearance of Prestige is available in a tactile washable matt and soft sheen finish for walls and ceilings. For interior and exterior wood and metal, a low eggshell and satinwood finish are available.

*Fleetwood Prestige has been awarded European Standard EN 13300 for Performance”

Wynwood is available in selected Fleetwood Paints stockists. To find your nearest stockist click here


Wynwood on our show stand, designed by Róisín Lafferty