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Colour Highlight – Pantone® Mahogany Rose 15-1511



Create a fashion statement in your home with the world leading colour authority – Pantone®

Interior designers, fashions houses and experts on colour have been using the Pantone® Colour Institute for over 50 years as the absolute standard in colour.

Fleetwood Paints colour collaboration with the official Pantone® Colour Institute partnership has been running since 2016, bringing Pantone® colours into paint, finally.

Our brand ambassador Róisín Lafferty of Kingston Lafferty Design has a go-to Pantone® shade – Mahogany Rose  – a sophisticated dusty pink with an earthy quality thanks to its brown undertones.


“There is more pink paint used in interiors now than ever historically,” says Leatrice Eiseman, Executive Director of the Pantone® Color Institute , “I don’t remember this much pink.” In 2016, for the first time ever, Pantone®  introduced the blend of two colours  – Rose Quartz and Serenity. Pastel lovers rejoiced for the warm and embracing rose tone combined with a cooler tranquil blue after a long run of bold and striking shades of the previous years and as such pink has become much more prominent in interiors.

Dining rooms

The beauty of Mahogany Rose is its ability to serve as a pink and as a neutral, a more interesting alternative to beige. It is a shade that works well in sociable areas giving a very definite and dramatic look.



For bedrooms, create contrast with other neutral tones such as charcoal greys, black or off whites in your artwork, fabrics and flooring. Consider Mahogany Rose as a feature wall to bring a warm and subtle glow without being too overpowering. This shade also is a stunning complementary pink to deep greens such as Pantone® Pineneedle.



Pink bathrooms leave a strong impression! A small powder room painted entirely in Mahogany Rose is enveloping and mysterious and for bigger bathrooms it can probably function as a neutral. Consider painting your cabinets or vanity in mahogany rose and pair with brushed brass or rose gold accessories to enhance the pink tones.


Living rooms

For warmth and coziness, Mahogany Rose will definitely warm up your living room. It will sit beautifully alongside dark wooden flooring and pops of greenery. In contemporary design this sophisticated pink will provide a stunning backdrop to bold pieces of artwork.



From pink cabinets to pink walls and tile splashback, the versatile Mahogany Rose will complement just about every colour, pattern and texture in your kitchen. For a soft feel, use with whites and off whites and for a more daring look pair with green or dark grey


Mahogany Rose in Fleetwood Prestige paint.

Mahogany Rose from Pantone® can be mixed into Fleetwood Prestige paint only. Fleetwood Prestige has been created to provide an incredibly durable coating that resist burnishes, scuffs and stains( – more than other paints) and an unprecedented colour depth with truer and richer lightfast pigments. Each individual colour recipe is completely unique with greater clarity, purity and saturation.

Visibly thicker, the extraordinary coverage of this silky paint allows for easy application and seamless touch-ups courtesy of an advanced quick drying formula.

The cashmere appearance of Prestige is available in a tactile washable matt and soft sheen finish for walls and ceilings. For interior and exterior wood and metal, a low eggshell and satinwood finish are available.

*Fleetwood Prestige has been awarded European Standard EN 13300 for Performance”

Mahogany Rose is available in selected Fleetwood Paints stockists. To find your nearest stockist click here