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How to paint a baby’s cot, with Aileen Hogan of Shabby.ie

How to paint a baby’s cot, with Aileen Hogan of Shabby.ie

**NEW for 2020** We are pleased to announce that our Kids Colours Card is now available online and in Fleetwood stockists! From nurseries to kids rooms and playrooms to teen bedrooms, our carefully selected colours from our Colour Perfect fandeck will help you create a beautiful bedroom space for playing and resting!☀️🌙

All colours featured in this card are available in Easyclean Washable Matt and Soft Sheen for walls and ceilings and Fleetwood Advanced for woodwork and furniture – including cots!

Fleetwood Advanced is formulated to strict criteria that meets the Toy Safety Directive (TSD) 2009/48/EC and Fleetwood Paints has obtained this accreditation to this standard. This paint can be used to upcycle or repair your baby’s cot, furniture or wooden toys.

We spoke with our upcycling Ambassador Aileen Hogan on how to paint a second hand cot and you can follow the 4 step process outlined below or check out the tutorial to see how it’s done.



Thoroughly clean the woodwork using a 50/50 mix of methylated spirits and water in an old shower spray bottle. Spray the mix straight onto the wood and wipe clean with a dry cloth. This mix does not wet the wood more than necessary and does not need rinsing. I took the cot apart , as I found it easier to prepare and paint in separate pieces.


Give all the wood a scuff sand. That is scratching up the surface which is highly varnished and will give your primer something to sink into.  The video tutorial will give you further information on how to sand your cot.


Now that the wood is cleaned and sanded its time to PRIME. Before we talk about primer I want to explain WHY you prime. This wood has a shop finish on it. Highly varnished/lacquered and this finish repels water. Remember, Fleetwood Advanced paints are water-based so using a primer which has high adhesive qualities, means you have something that will STICK to this surface. The primer will also dull down the varnish, making it ready for your paint. The primer I used on this cot is water based, so is easy to use and dries quickly. Its called PURE GRIP and is available nationwide.

I rolled on one full coat of this primer using the microfibre 4inch rollers. I find these rollers give you a smooth flawless finish.

And I want you to see the new roller tray ROLL RITE that was only launched in the last few months. This new shaped tray is very helpful for not getting too much paint on the roller and you can buy packs of plastic LINERS !! woohoo.. seriously love this. I cannot tell you how much easier this makes your clean up!


The last step is to PAINT. I used Fleetwood Advanced Satinwood in ‘Zurich White’ You can get this paint mixed into SOOOOO many colours. I chose a colour from the new Kids Collection Brochure which is a soft creamy white. The colours in the kids card are all taken from the Fleetwood Colour Perfect fandeck (nearly 2000 colours!) so if you have a particular colour in mind that is not on the kids card, call into your local Fleetwood stockist to view the fandeck.


I gave the cot 2 coats of this paint. Mostly rolled on, but I also used a small cut in brush for the areas the roller couldn’t get to.In the video I show you a tip on how to enhance carvings that might be on the your furniture.


Thank you for reading and I hope you enjoy the video!