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Mismatched furnishings trend talk with interior designer Patricia Wakely


Patricia Wakely – Fleetwood Paints Interior Designer Wakelydesign.com

Ok, so now that we are all grounded and working, eating, socialising and basically living in our homes 24/7 we can take stock and look around our home environment because let’s face it, most of us have more time on our hands than ever. We need to feel that this is our safe place and that we feel safe and relaxed in it. Maybe it’s time that we can think of things in a different way and get ourselves busy doing!



Any clients that I’ve worked with will be very familiar with the mantra of “It doesn’t have to match!”
In the past we have been quite guilty of lifting a colour from the wallpaper to match the curtain and team that with a similar colour in the furnishings etc., but if you want to feel more current and ‘mow’ then throw that idea out the window and inject a bit of you into the mix.
If you feel that it is time to re-design and mix things up at home but are restricted in access to the high street we do have the serendipitous advantage of using what we’ve got! This could be a great introduction to mismatching – a trend that is very hot at the minute and is growing in popularity.
Our own personality shines in the choices we make – ie. What colours we choose, what furnishings we have and what history and stories are attached to these choices. This style is the one that truly reflects us as people.


There are no hard and fast rules to this style that can be seen in “Boho” and “Eclectic” inspired interiors.
Included are things that you least expect like pattern on pattern in wallpaper and fabrics, timber furnishings mixed with acrylic or metal in the same setting and up-cycled unusual collections of objects.
You can create a similar feeling in your own home by gathering and placing these items together and thinking outside the box, as I said no rules but there are a few guide lines to break you in….



–Whether be it colour, furnishing style, period or material. (when everything is mismatching there is a danger that each thing becomes a feature and over-load begins.)



If you are hesitant or unsure how to start and are more leaning towards an easy and calm room, you could choose to put furniture together that is different in style and so perhaps use a more monochromatic colour scheme to tie them all together.
I suggest choosing a warm greige for the walls like ‘Heavens Breath’ or ‘Powdered Almond,’ and combinations of ‘Mocha Cream,’ ‘Bayberry Blue’ or ‘Special Grey’ for painted furnishings all from the popular colour card.
Also using materials like sisal with ticking fabrics and a collection of art, a beautiful natural restful look can be achieved.




For a more youthful, lofty Bohemian look where you may have a slightly industrial edge in exposed brickwork, more industrial fittings or stainless steel finishes and matching sofas, then maybe consider using a neutral backdrop of White Alyssum against these and punches of colour in the matching furniture like Pigeon, Zephyr, Golden Apricot and Dusty Blue all from the Pantone range. Including wall hangings, artwork and accessories all add to the look…the more eclectic the better.




Lastly, if you are looking for a much more grownup and less cluttered look, the use of deeper colours will give the effect. Think much more moody colours combined with vibrant or pastel pinks for example using Wynwood or Bofin Fern as a main colour with Side Car and/or Betsy 1920 Deep as accents. Similarly you could choose matching furniture and just mix the look up by using different colours like cushions on each items – so the tie is the style.


The theme of this trend is mismatched furnishings used in an eclectic way to create interest and a narrative that reflects you and your home.
This style can be used to give a light airy family feel or also can give a more adult moody but definitely fun look. There are no rules but the idea is that you look at what you would previously have not considered as items that work together and making them do so.
Vibrant colours are key in your accessories or painted furniture and the more different the better.
So dust off Aunty Mary’s side board and put it with that leopard skin pouffe that you picked up back in the 80’s – you never know you could start your own story here!