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Oil Based Floor Paint

For all interior and exterior concrete, steel, and interior wooden floors.

Fleetwood Oil Based Floor Paint is a professional quality durable one pack polyurethane-based floor paint. It has excellent levels of hardness and will provide a safe coating due to its inbuilt slip resistance formulation. It is resistant to mild chemical attack, water, oil, and grease. Fleetwood Oil Based floor paint is designed to withstand light to medium levels of traffic such as on walkways, and will withstand low levels of vehicle traffic such as domestic garages. Fleetwood Floor Paint is suitable for exterior use to highlight walk ways and other markings, (Not suitable for use on large external areas.)

Suitable Environments

  • Warehouse/Factory
  • Workshops
  • Production Areas
  • Domestic Garages
  • Corridors
  • Utility room

Oil Based

Available in 4 ready mix colours – Red, Grey, Yellow and White

Can be mixed to pastel shades.

Garden and Wood Paint

For all exterior wood, joinery, cladding, garden furniture, metal, terracotta, and brick.

Fleetwood Garden & Wood Paint is a durable water-based paint with an opaque colour for cladding and exterior joinery and exterior wood, except decking. This self priming product is touch dry in 30 mins with up to 10 years protection that resists crackling, peeling and flaking.

Available in 18 ready mix colours, including Black and White, and in a satin finish.

Advanced Quick Dry Satinwood

For all interior and exterior wood, metal, furniture, PVC, and furniture including trim, cabinets, and doors.

Ideal for kitchen cabinets, children’s furniture, upcycling projects, radiators, and PVC windows and doors.

Fleetwood Advanced is formulated to strict criteria that meets the Toy Safety Directive (TSD) 2009/48/EC

Water based

Available in a range of ready mix colours, including 13 new colours for 2023

Sheen level: 25%