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Pantone® Collection

Create a fashion statement in your home with the world’s leading colour authority – Pantone®

Be inspired by the colours around you and the Pantone®  system will match it exactly.

We are the official licensee of Pantone paint in Ireland.

In 2016 we partnered with Pantone to create a luxury paint, Fleetwood Prestige,  exclusive to the entire Pantone® Universe of Colour.

Any colour in the Pantone® universe can be mixed into Fleetwood Prestige


Pantone Marsala 18-1438 Róisín Lafferty House Event. Shot by Al Higgins


Pantone Deep Teal 19-4914  Róisín Lafferty House Event. Shot by Al Higgins

PhotographyPlease be aware: On-screen and printer colour representations may vary from actual paint colours. For accurate colour representations please request a real paint colour card by clicking the ‘Order A Colour Card’ button or for best results try a tester pot sample in the location itself.