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Marble Mist


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With a hue that reminds you of the rich tones of the finest Italian marble, this neutral paint is simple yet remarkably adaptable. Marble Mist is part of our Popular Colours collection, with fawn undertones and a slight hint of pink. It?s an ideal accent colour, bringing warmth and subtle tones into a neutral palette or balancing more dramatic colours and preventing them from overwhelming a space. If you’re working with a monochromatic palette, the fleeting pink blush prevents the tones from becoming too stark and contrasting. Marble Mist is ideal for modern interiors or bringing a contemporary twist to a more traditional space.

Ensure all surfaces are repaired, clean and fully dry. Remove all loose or peeling paint. Fill cracks or surface defects with a suitable Fleetwood filler & sand smooth. Exterior surfaces should be treated with a fungicidal wash. For exceptional results make sure you are using a Fleetwood industry-leading primer. Stir before use and apply with a Fleetwood brush or roller, painting a wet edge and avoid overspreading. Avoid low temperatures during application & drying.

Manufactured in Ireland.

Available to purchase online in tester pots only. Please visit your nearest Fleetwood Decorating Centre to purchase other sizes.
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On-screen paint colour representations may vary from actual paint colours. Due to the higher level of dark pigment present in deep-hue colours, these may be less resistant to marking and/or burnishing.

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