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Mofab Sleeve 7″


Utilising an innovative simulated mohair fabric known as Mofab, the Mofab Fabric Premium is a 7? short pile sleeve for use with stick and wire cage roller frames. Capable of achieving an excellent finish with oil-based paints but suitable for use with all types of paints, the sleeve guarantees fast, low-splatter application. The shed-resistant fabric results in a durable design and fantastic long-term performance and is easy to clean and maintain. The Mofab Fabric Premium can be used on interior and smooth exterior surfaces. Backed by a full guarantee, the sleeve is a practical and reliable choice.

This product is not available to buy online. Please visit your nearest Fleetwood Decorating Centre to purchase.

Products Note

On-screen paint colour representations may vary from actual paint colours. Due to the higher level of dark pigment present in deep-hue colours, these may be less resistant to marking and/or burnishing.

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