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Roll Rite Paint Pot Lid 4″ 3 Pack


Leaving paint in a tray exposed to the air is incredibly wasteful. Our Roll Rite Paint Pots can be fitted with a specially designed airtight lid to prevent excess paint from drying out between coats. This keeps your paint fresh and ready for the next coat. Roll Rite Paint Pot Lids fit the 4″ Roll Rite Paint Pot perfectly, even if you have a liner inserted. A snap-close rim prevents air from getting into the pot and keeps your paint ready to go whenever you need it. The lid also covers the brush well, allowing you to leave a brush in situ without the need to clean it in between coats.

This product is not available to buy online. Please visit your nearest Fleetwood Decorating Centre to purchase.
Products Note

On-screen paint colour representations may vary from actual paint colours. Due to the higher level of dark pigment present in deep-hue colours, these may be less resistant to marking and/or burnishing.

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