Special Gray


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Special Gray certainly lives up to its name. This elegant tone is a contemporary masterclass in using neutrals to elevate a space. The depth of colour within Special Gray hints at warmer, russet-red undertones that partner exceptionally well with off-whites that echo those reddish hues. Special Gray makes an ideal primary element in a sophisticated bathroom, balanced with a peachy-pink white to prevent it from becoming too domineering. As an accent colour, it can harmonise with focal points within a mural or act as a serene backdrop for artworks or architectural features such as a classic fireplace.

Ensure all surfaces are repaired, clean and fully dry. Remove all loose or peeling paint. Fill cracks or surface defects with a suitable Fleetwood filler & sand smooth. Exterior surfaces should be treated with a fungicidal wash. For exceptional results make sure you are using a Fleetwood industry-leading primer. Stir before use and apply with a Fleetwood brush or roller, painting a wet edge and avoid overspreading. Avoid low temperatures during application & drying.

Manufactured in Ireland.

Available to purchase online in tester pots only. Please visit your nearest Fleetwood Decorating Centre to purchase other sizes.
Products Note

On-screen paint colour representations may vary from actual paint colours. Due to the higher level of dark pigment present in deep-hue colours, these may be less resistant to marking and/or burnishing.

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