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Pastel shades for kids bedrooms


Patricia Wakely of PW Design

Using restful colours and simple layouts can go a long way to help the wind-down and send them off to dreamland! The Kids Colours collection by Fleetwood has a definite subtle and soft feel to it, reflecting a trend towards warm neutrals in combination with more pastel and deep tones.

The first page is very much aimed at the nursery and young children’s room with soft blush pinks like Blushing Princess or Posture and Pose as well as warm greenish tones of Growing Season.  In order to use these deeper, stronger tones keep in mind that you may want to place them behind the head of the child when they are sleeping in order to aid restfulness, this way they are out of the sight line for when they are going off to sleep.

Blushing Princess CP0452 


Posture and Pose CP0685


Growing Season CP1542

Cocooning is a great trick to use should you want an effect that will aid sleep. This process employs the theory that you can create a womb like effect by using a mid-colour like Cottonwood with the ceiling in a lighter shade such as Eider White and then the lowest portion of the room ie. skirting in Half Moon White. This is a very tonal look with colours that are very closely related and sitting on a similar spectrum, gives a restful, tranquil and cohesive scheme.

Cottonwood CP0173

For me, it’s the way in which these colours are used that makes the most of the tones. I do love to use paint in a way that is unexpected – so for a room that may be smaller why not consider using the colour on the ceiling with the coving in Almost white (from the popular colour card). This colour is ideal if you have light issues due to its vibrancy, or if you are lucky enough to have a south facing aspect use creamy white. Try a combination of Posture and Pose on ceiling with Panda White walls.

As the children grow start school and get into pre-teens the style of room tends to change and this age are surprisingly savvy with their interior taste. Currently colour blocking is a huge trend for this age and quite a simple look to pull off. Colours can be combined using fresh whites like Half Moon White and neutrals like Hemstitch. Adding these colours as diagonal divides between colours like Burnt Pumpkin and Carlingford Lough will give that colour blocked look particularly when cut across the ceiling will take the “squareness” out of rooms that have no natural features.

For every age group and style the perfect colour awaits, it just seems that for me, it is all contained in the kids colour collection from Fleetwood!


Growing Season CP1542 (Green),  Oysters Gift CP1180 (Cream), Burnt Pumpkin CP1179 (Dark Orange)  Peekaboo CP1189 (Light Orange) Baby’s Blue CP1005 (Blue) Victorian White CP1988 (Woodwork)

 Carlingford Lough CP1904 (Dark Blue) Tall Ships CP1934 (Light Blue) Dandelion  CP1393 (Dark Yellow)  Pooh Bear Yellow CP1391 (Light Yellow)  Moy River Salmon CP1144 (Orange) Half Moon White  CP0860 (Wall)


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