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Weather Clad™

Smooth Acrylic Masonry Paint

Painting outside of Irish homes for over 40 years 

Fleetwood Weather Clad™  is our smooth acrylic masonry paint, hand-crafted in Ireland for Irish weather.

LASTS LONGER: Using Permacryl™ Technology, Fleetwood Weather Clad™ lasts longer, providing outstanding durability against the harshest weather Ireland has to offer.

ANTI-MOULD AND ALGAE:  Fleetwood Weather Clad™  has been tested in Ireland and contains powerful anti-mould properties to resist the growth of mould and fungus to protect the surface.

COLOURS WONT FADE: Our beautiful range of colours won’t fade. High performance polymers and durable pigments provide resistance against chalking and colour fading in Ireland’s extreme weather.

Please be aware: On-screen and printer colour representations may vary from actual print colours. For accurate colour representations please request a real paint colour card by clicking the ‘Order A Colour Card’ button or for best results try a tester pot sample in the location itself.