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7 go-to exterior paint colours for your home

Aodhain Scallan- Fleetwood Paints Interior Designer

With Covid-19 travel restrictions still in place all over the world, many of us have rediscovered home improvement.
We’ve spent so much time at home this last year that we have realized the effect of beautiful calming interiors. Now we would argue that the exterior of your home is just as important as the interiors!
A pleasant calming exterior is a warm welcome home, and an elegant curbside gives visitors and passersby a glimpse of the beauty that lies within.
In this article, we are going to share a few exterior colours that are trending this year and we are here for them all. But be warned, this article may make you one want to pick up a paintbrush get started right away!



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Colour: Design Studio Grey 
Stain: 10 Year Exterior Woodstain in Antique Pine

Whilst stark white is like milk, off-white is your double cream. It’s warm, inviting, and pairs very well with wood accents. To nail this trend, consider using stain for your door and garage instead of paint. This will bring your wooden accents to life and add a beautiful layer of character to your exterior. We think that this trend is here to stay and we could not be happier.

What is The Perfect White?

Now if off-white and wood isn’t your vibe, perhaps you would like the classic combination of crisp white exteriors with a burst of colour. Whilst this combination isn’t a new trend by any means, it is a timeless marriage of colours that gives your exterior a fresh inviting look. If you are considering this trend, be sure to paint your door as well as window shutters a bold striking colour to add that pop. Your home will be the talk of the neighbourhood!

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Colour: Pure Brilliant White
Shutters: Brookview CP1552



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Colour: Wild Atlantic Grey

We love the modern look of a pale grey exterior. Light grey is a beautiful alternative to the common beige and adds some colour to the street. It is neutral enough to be added to any exterior and pairs very well with a range of colours and styles. If you are going with grey, choose a shade that has both warm and cool undertones depending on the lighting. This colour will add a layer of style and sophistication to your curbside and who doesn’t want that?



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Top Colour: Design Studio Grey CP0716
Lower Colour: Foggy Grey CP0942

Why pick one colour when you can go for two? We think that more and more contemporary homes will go for two-tone exteriors and we couldn’t be more thrilled. To nail this emerging trend, paint your exterior two complementary colours. They can go side by side or one on the top and one on the bottom. This will give your exterior a contemporary modern look with a touch of industrial.



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Garage: Black
Wall Colour: Wild Atlantic Grey

Black as an accent isn’t a new trend at all, but we are seeing more homes use black as the main colour. Whilst it is a bold decision, black can actually make your exterior standout. It also pairs perfectly with a range of colours that you can use as accents to complement the black.



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Wall: Warm Stone
Front Door: Torc Waterfall CP0991

When used as accent colours, pale blue or green can add such a whimsical touch to your exterior. Use a neutral main colour such as off-white or ivory, then paint your shutters and door a pale green or blue. This combination produces an exterior that is warm and inviting yet unusual at the same time.



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Wall: Potters Stone from Vintage_affair.ie
Sills: Designer White

You read that right! Beige is still in trend in 2021 and in all honesty, nothing says cozy and welcoming like beige. It is anything but dull. Think about it, it is neutral enough to be used a main colour and it also adds a classy edge to any building. If you are looking to get on board the beige trend in 2021, stay away from beiges that turn yellow, and go instead for a beige that turns off-white in different lighting.


So there you have it! Seven exterior paint colours that are trending in 2021. If done right, painting the exterior can give your home an entirely different vibe. It can transform your home from dated to fresh and inviting. Picture a face lift but all it really is a good lick of paint!