2023 colour trends

Three Fleetwood designers share their colour predictions for the year ahead

Is your home in need of a fresh new look? A lick of paint can do wonders for transforming a space. Whether you decide to give a coat of new colour to walls, woodwork or even ceilings, your living space will be reinvigorated. We talked to three Fleetwood designers on their predictions of the colours everyone will be looking to in 2023.

What colour trends do you predict for this year?

Bright, vibrant shades. Greens, blues and greys have been dominant for the past few years, and I feel a trend on its way for reds, spicy yellows and muted orange. Pink is popping up a lot too. It was normally reserved for a little girl’s room, but it’s becoming a popular choice for all rooms and accent furniture. Neutral earthy tones will always remain popular, and they are a good pallet to add rich contrasts. But there is a trend towards moody dramatic spaces; we are getting braver with our choices.

Lee O’Neill, Abbeyknockmoy, Co Galway

What do you think will be the biggest interior trends of 2023?

I think there will be an emphasis on sustainability and home owners being more eco-conscious. Upcycling is becoming more popular, such as repainting kitchens and good quality old furniture to give them a new lease of life. Homes are also becoming more multi-purpose; the home office has become a staple in a lot of homes now.

How would you advise to add colour to a home?

I often encourage clients to keep permanent fixtures fairly neutral as we can fall out of love with some colours. Adding pops of colours with something as simple as a vase of flowers or a bowl of fruit is often enough to warm up and change the look of a whole room. Adding an accent furniture piece can also change up any room. Trends change so quickly, so it’s wise to not spend too much on accessories, cushions and throws that can be changed up suit our mood and define the seasons.

What colour trends do you predict for 2023?

I’m still loving the warm tones in our neutrals, but I do think that we are moving away from whites and off-whites to a more definite and richer level. Colours that are definitely deepening and drenched across multiple surfaces for a more relaxed and softer look, include Cashmere from Ventura and Stone Brown. The over-all look is a warm, relaxed and comforting one that features ochres and golds.

Patricia Wakely, Kingscourt, Cavan

The shades that I think will be making an appearance in 2023 are golden and more antique ochres like Side Car from Vogue and Samhain Greeting CP1363. I also think that deep colours will make an appearance but more in neutral and natural forms. Blacks and rich deep tones like Fifth Avenue from Ventura and Wild Atlantic green give a dramatic look with less intensity of colour than we might have seen in recent years, but rather lend an air of sophistication that will allow us to go darker than we have done before. Warm and vintage ochres and golds are really making an appearance as are browns, terracottas and lilacs.

What’s your favourite interiors trend?

Colour drenching and colours that are used continuously across multiple surfaces is a trend that I am particularly fond of. It allows the lines of definition between all internal architecture and form to blur and offers an opportunity to truly feature a more dominant colour to the max.

This combined with clever ambient lighting will intensify the depth of rich colours. I love to feel an interior is well lit but from seemingly invisible sources, and then combine the look with a statement central light.

What is a clever way to add colour to a home?

I’ve always loved the use of colour, especially in rich and deep tones, but in unexpected places.  Feature painted ceilings, for example, have been so popular of late and are continuing to be for 2023, but I love to add a splash of a daring colour in the interior of interiors! Adding a decadent colour like Sylvia Beach to the interior of a kitchen unit that can only be seen when open, adds a surprising bit of luxury just for the homeowner.

It still allows for a neutral, relaxed scheme, but satisfies my need for colour – especially when used with clever lighting. This works particularly well in an area like a dressing room where the hidden splash of colour can feel more feminine without being on show; a colour like Princess Tiara CP0568 is perfect. It somehow feels slightly indulgent but even if viewed by the visitor it says “I am calm and in control but have a hidden wild side. I am confident with it but this colour is just for me!”

What are your thoughts on incoming colour trends?

Whether you are someone who dismisses interior trends it is undeniable that their effect will enter your consciousness and your shopping choices as we are exposed to them in all sorts of ways from paint charts to your clothing boutique, the ‘current’ colour palette permeates everywhere.

Michelle Crichton of Boulevard Interiors, Douglas, Cork

In 2023 there will be a definite continuation of neutral colours, teamed with natural materials that has resulted from our connection with a slower world. Lockdowns and climate awareness continue to fuel our surrender to this palette in our homes. Alongside this, however, is a modern heritage trend that has offered colour, whimsy and warmth in our homes. Block print fabric, patterned textiles, primary colour painted joinery will continue as a trend to ensure that the bowl of porridge palette will be accompanied by a fun uplifting palette of rich blues, greens, yellow and red.

Is there an interior trend in particular that excites you?

This modern heritage trend is very exciting as customers embrace braver colour and pattern choices in their homes. This movement toward a more individual look using vintage fabrics, and a strong return of the use of wallpaper allows the designer a palette that can really bring a project alive, ensuring it is unique to that client. We use paint, fabric trims, piping and lampshades to create a rich unique feeling. Jewel tones in fabric using ochre and paprika, and clashing pink and red will add to joyful interior palettes for 2023.

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